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The King's old friend, Duke of Bedford, is coming to meet the famous collection of stuffed creatures.
However, the exhibition halls are not yet ready and Cornelius is the only servant able to arrange them!


Push the statues to their respective bases;


- Approaches a statue to push it. You cannot push them if there is an obstacle ahead;
- You can push a statue next to another, except if has more than two;
- After fit into your base, the statue cannot be pushed again, but can push another;


Arrow keys - Move
Z/Enter - Confirm (menus)
Esc - Pause/return
Z - Push
X - Hide labels (hold)

A game by Fábio Manna (dotCHAOS)

Main sprite set by @jeromBD

More information

Published186 days ago
AuthorArchaic Bit
Tags4-colors, classic, gameboy, Pixel Art, Retro
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average durationAbout an hour
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

No installation required


Cornelius v1.0.zip (5 MB)


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This is incredibly fun and challenging! The sprite quality is fantastic and I appreciate all the work you put into this!

Wow, was this a hard one! Didn't make it! (i'm guessing it was the last level).

Nop, yet has more 2 levels.. :) Try to look at the statue position (before moving), several times you need to use the position of a statue to stop the movement of the other.


Thanks for playing =]


is there a way to save your progress? I closed the game and when I came back I had to do all of the puzzles over again :/

This was a really fun game - one bug, though. On Hall 6 if you get a statue to stop at the top and then push another statue down so that it wraps around and comes out of the top, it stacks with the other statue and can only be pushed back out the way it came in. Makes it so that you have to do some serious gymnastics to move everything the other way around in circles to solve that hall.

Awesome work, though!