A downloadable game for Windows

This is a real-time strategy game, the objective is defend your castle and defeat the enemy units. The game consists in 6 mobile units and 4 buildings (not counting the main castle), each unit requires a lot of resources and each offers different advantages to the player, wrong choices can be estremamente harmful. Be careful and quick!

How to play

All game commands are performed by mouse.
Esc / P - Pause / Exit


Gives priority defense, upgrade your castle and gathering resources before attacking.

Found a bug?

Please report us, their contribution is very important!

Special Thanks

Fabio Manna - All musics in game
IwanPlays - Recorded gameplay video

Published May 31, 2016
AuthorArchaic Bit
GenreStrategy, Simulation
Tags8-Bit, irxjam16, Management, Real time strategy

Install instructions

Unzip the ZIP folder before run the game.


Glory Defenders.zip 4 MB


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I LOVE it!

Gives me partially a similar feel to ROYALS.

by the way, right now your website can't be reached.

I am really happy to see people playing our game and best of all, making videos :) I watched here (every 30 min).. a tip: the game does not gratify units in the same position (in the same position, all units receive the same damage, then 50 archers against only 5 horseman will be slaughtered).. In any case you understand the objective of the game and had great fun.. thanks for playing :)

about the site.. really.. we didn't have time to work on it ..

Understandable! You could just link to your itch.io profile page while you keep making awesome games :D

Hey, I can assign this video on the project page?

i'd be honoured!