A downloadable game for Windows

In the distant kingdom of Sogon, extends a battle between brave warriors and malignant mystical creatures who struggle to annihilate the humans and conquer Sogon. As one of the laws of Sogon, no warrior is left behind, beat without any losses!


Main menu / Map
Arrows - Select option
Z - Confirm selection

In game
Up/Down - Choose units to attack
Left/Right - Choose actions
Z - Confirm action
X - Undo selection (Only useful when you cancel the potion selection)

Game Over / Game Win
Any key to continue

Victory screen
Z - Continue from here
X - Goto main menu


Programmer / Sound Effects: Evandro Gomes
Graphics: Kacper Wozniak & DENZI
Musics: Snabisch

Release note

This is a beta version, it's likely that there are bugs, feel free to report.

Thank you for playing. Help us to improve our game, tell us what you think of it!


Kingdom of Sogon.exe 3.4 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the ZIP folder before execute the game.


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The game is pretty cool.

Unfortunately, lost the game once in level 7, because the opponent round was not finished. Maybe a solution is a maximum life time in rounds by opponents?

I'm looking forward of more level :)