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Ironically, I covered this game once before under my old brand, but because it is still one of my favorites. I covered it again under my new brand Ready Set Indie Games. The game is quite challenging but I still love it no matter what. I feature this in my season 2 of Indie Game Showcase.

I really enjoyed this game and it's very relaxing to play, even when it frustrated me but I recommend it to anyone, who likes a challenge and retro.

Thx. :)

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wow, what a awesome NES-like game: :D

Level 20 is imposible to win :P

A good game with only a few shortcomings.It could get repetitive sometimes and a bit tedious. The inclusion of power ups would be great but overall a solid game. Is it me or the enemies look like mario?

Hehehe, in the actual Robin Hood legend, it's Richards brother John who is over taxing people and whom Robin Hood robs, not Richard. Richard is seen as the true King and when he returns from fighting abroad, he pardons Robin for his crimes.

But I like that your game gets it wrong, it makes it seem more like an old Japanese game that would mix up the names like that.

Also, in reality, John wasn't a bad King and the Robin Hood view of him and his reign are really unfair. Really, Richard was the worse King even though he was "heroic" always fighting wars. He bankrupted the kingdom with his constant campaigns to take over Normandy (where he was actually from). That's why John had to tax the country so much after he took over.

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Hehehe, well what I'm saying is that I appreciate that. My Game Pike 'n Shot is similar in that it's about the real historical concept of Pike & Shot combat and the Spanish tercios, but you fight goblins, dragons and wizards :P

Made a video


Heh, the recording was very weird for some reason and I noticed too late!

Didn't think I'd make it that far :)

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Really.. I don't understand the reason, which capture program you're using?


Fraps, which captures OpenGL (or equivalent?) directly. Perhaps the game has a frame and only in the center it was OpenGL context, so that it was displaced by Fraps, which for some reason still used the resolution of the whole window.

Would have used OBS if I had known. :)

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