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This is an old project, launched in mid-2013, was released in pt-br. Before creating the "Archaic Bit", we have plans to develop a remastered version of the project, expanding the challenges and level design. We consider interesting to attach this project here because it was our first completed game (simulating the classic 8-bit).

The game tells the story of a warrior who does not believe in destiny and seeking their way... One day heard about a legend, a myth of fantastic creatures and a dungeon so deep that close to hell, it was said to be a dragon, unique guardian of a treasure, something that we humans know as the meaning of life.

But there was a warning: "Those who seek out such a treasure find just what they are not able to avoid"

Even so the warrior went out on his journey to discover the truth about their existence and finally rest in peace ...

Game developed by Evandro Gomes and Fabio Manna

How to play

Z to attack
X to especial attack
Directional arrows to move the main char
Enter to pause / Select menu option

Thank you for play!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorArchaic Bit
Tags8-Bit, dungeon, Fantasy, Top Down Adventure

Install instructions

Unzip the ZIP folder before run the game!


Way Trip.zip 9 MB


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hahaha eae

Is this still in development?

Can you make a mac version of the game?

Made a video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_NH4BiN_ug&feature=youtu.be